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Cake flair : The home away from home

Hey darlings!!…I’ve got exciting news that’d make your tastebuds jump for joy ..But first!!! ,how have y’all been doing ? I hope great or at least as great as I’ve been.

Recently,I stumbled upon  A SECRET” ,yep! heard me right.Something we all should have known a long ,long time ago.Wanno hear it?..I bet you do (#rollseyes) .On Saturday August 6th, 2017 ,I discovered this secret and yes! ,my life’s been changed for good.

Heard of CAKEFLAIR? …I bet you haven’t ..This is because life doesn’t want you to ”eat your cake and have it” , Because at cakeflair,that’s exactly what happens. Luckily ,they’ve got you covered on any type of cakes and cupcakes you like ranging from blueberry muffins, chocolate brownies, mouthwatering oatmeal cupcakes  down to banana breads.They also have other goodies like sharwama , chicken and meatpies , chicken and meat burgers , moi moi and a whole lot more .The best part of it all is they all come with guilt free happiness (I guarantee you, y’all with sweet tooth can eat as much as you want and not get fat ) .​

Their customer service is excellent and the environment is wonderful ..Very relaxing to the soul ..You can’t hear all of this and not want to pay them a visit ..Not at all..especially now that a free trifle is involved.(wait!! ..I’m rushing things…But you can’t blame me …I’m just so excited) .​
Ever had a trifle before?…(Trifle is a combination of ice cream and cake .A combo made in heaven I must say)  .If yea, you need to try out @cakeflair’s ”tastebud happy trifle ” , if no, this might just be the perfect opportunity for you to win one.​
One might ask ,how do i win this?…Its quite simple .All you have to do is purchase goodies worth #3000 naira and above in the store and you’ll win a free cup of triple . As simple as’d want to use this code Giftedgirltrifle and a screenshot of my blogpost for your eligibility .

Offer runs all through the month of august .

You can follow @cakeflair on instagram for other amazing offers.Their office is located @ 19a olatunde ayoola avenue,opposite greensprings school ,Anthony village ,Lagos.

This last photo of me is not so clear but atleast ,it’s a perfect representation of what l felt like when I stepped into a new heaven @cakeflair.​
 P.S— my photo taking skill isn’t as wonderful as it should be .Those cakes are a delight to look at and a blessing to your body system.Don’t forget to leave a comment ..I’d be here ..Reading them.



No limits

Growing up can be very crippling ..especially in a place like Nigeria .As a young adult,you’d find out there are so many restrictions to the full manifestation of your capabilities .Words like ”when an elder is talking ,you don’t talk” ,”what an elder sees when sitting down,a child cannot see it even if he climbs the highest tree ” , ”he’s just a child,ignore him ”, ” you’re too young to do this ” etc are often heard everywhere around us .Even though these saying are true in some cases ,it isn’t true in so many others ,especially if its trying to prevent you from achieving that desired success.

    Luckily,the era we are in currently encourages limitless innovations and creations .You’d find really young people striving .Take Ashad for instance , the young boy haven’t even started talking ,yet he’s making millions of dollars (of course,I didn’t say you should go become a musician or anything related if it isn’t your calling ). 

Find your calling(no,I’m not trying to preach) ,That thing that’d distinguish you from the rest ,that thing you know you can do perfectly well…Find it!!..Find it early !! And work on it .​
i hope this helps .

Have a wonderful week.

You can reach me via instagram on @thatgiftedgirl_  ..incase you have ideas to share with me.



4 super easy ways to style palazzo pants

Hey guys ..I hope y’alls been doing great ?…so,i’ve had this palazzo pants for a while now and I really don’t know how to style it . For one ,it has this really bright color and it is super big(as expected)..well,ever since i got them,they’ve been hanging up there in the wardrobe . Recently ,i had an event to attend and the pants caught my eye ..i threw caution to the wind and wore it and i must say ,i got lots of compliments  courtesy of the pants . I got home, tried out some other combinations and they turned out super great .I hope this serves as an inspiration to whomever is going through a ”how to style palazzo pants/jumpsuit ” phase .

Palazzo pants are loose wide legged pants that were once worn in the 60’s and 70’s .And just like some other trends ,they seem to have made an epic comeback into the fashion industry .Amazingly ,they can be worn to pretty much everywhere ranging from work ,social functions ,and dates (with the right styling and accessories of course) .below are 4 ways to style a palazzo pant/jumpsuit.

  • Wear a crop top with your palazzo pants for a chic effect 
  • One can never go wrong with a denim jacket 
  • Add a blazer and heels/wedges for a more professional look ​​

  • Cinch in your waist with a chic belt 

These steps are super easy to replicate ..Lemme know what you think ..Also ,what other ways do you think one can style a palazzo pant ?..And what’s your favorite look amongst them all?Tell me in the comment section ,i’d be reading them and replying when necessary .

P;S –i apologise if the images are not very clear ,i had to compress them to fit them in here.

Don’t forget ,you should totally follow me on instagram @thatgiftedgirl_ . I have really cool stuffs up there too .



Review on the Lagos makeup fair

The lagos makeup fair (Lmuf6) was a 2 day event which was held at the classique events place oregun ,Lagos . it’s by far one of the biggest makeup fair I’ve had the privilege of attending .it had the likes of renowned makeup artists like @iamdodos ,@oluchionuigbo , @Lolade_Mlpro ,@flawlessfacesbyjane ,@Tonia_x_ ,makeupbyashbee and lot’s more.

Makeup products varying from international mades to national mades were all available for purchase .The presence of reputable personalities like @oni_gele ,@lollipops02 ,@tukemorgan cannot be forgotten .

The second day had a creativity makeup runway event where several makeup artists displayed varying degrees of creativity ..The make ups varied from plain creativity ,to Halloween came early down to healthy living .Most of this designs caught my attention ..I hope it catches yours too .I’d be showing photos of the designs with the instagram names of the makeup artists and their models (you can add them up if you find them interesting ).  

  • The oliver twist

I called this the olivetwist look because her costume was made up of spoons (lol) and we all know the ” i want more story ​​

Mua @enigma_makeovers….model : @esther_uti 

  • The watermelon girl

We can all see she’s literally wearing a watermelon​

Mua : @Wendybeautyartistrymodel : @funkie_bookie

  • The african barbie 

In my defense ,she does look like a barbie ,in an african way ​

Mua : @fab_looks ..model : @ogunmolaallen

  • The snapchat princess

all hail our favorite snapchat filter in the flesh with a hint of chinese blood.​

Mua : @fab_looks_by_youdee…model :@blessed_valarie

  • The mad hatter

A look will convince you ..The tallest model present ​​

Mua :@thecraftress …model: @bakare_mubarakk

  • Maleficient 

Who remembers that movie ”maleficient” …This look definitely brought back memories .​
Mua :@mimz_brown 

  • The wrapped up girl

She looked all pretty and wrapped up.​​

Mua @morewamakeup

  • The lovergirl 

Even her smared lipstick can testify ​​​

Mua : @casskoncept…model : @iamsusangarland …stylist : @hairbyope_smade.

It was an amazing fair ..i still have loads of interesting photos to share can check them out on my instagram page @thatgiftedgirl_ or @themakeupfair and @makeuprunwayafrica

Which of this look do you like and why?…



    Upcoming July events

    Hey lovelies ,I hope all’s been well and you’ve not been too cold courtesy of the weather .Apparently ,I’m an events person ..i live and breath for events that are impactful and fun ,sometimes ,i miss some and i lie not,it hurts me….I know there are people out there who’re like me ,so I’ve compiled a list of events one can’t afford to miss this month ..Luckily ,the two events that’ve been verified are happening same day but different locations .

    • Tedxui 2017

    Tedxui will be happening this saturday 08 july 2017 in the social sciences large lecture theatre ,University of ibadan ,ibadan by 8am.

    Ted events have proven with time to be a place where minds are reshaped, and renewed .Always refreshing ..The interesting news is that Tedxui is the first of its kind ,therefore ,they’ve packaged to speak seasoned speakers who’ve broken forth and excelled in their chosen fields of endeavors .Who’ve dared to do normal things in an abnormal way and have come out successful .

          Tedxui is for everyone who is eager and willing to be the change the want in their chosen fields of endeavors ,who’s not afraid of being different …Of standing out .

       Speakers of that day includes chiamaka obuekwe (ceo and founder @socialprefect tours ) , chiamaka okoro (lawyer, author ,ADR specialist ) , david .o. Adepoju (information scientist), Adepeju jaiyeoba ( founder ,mothers’ delivery kit)  and lots more .check photo for more information .​​​

    • CAG branding workshop 

    This workshop is for bloggers and everyone who’s interested in building a     brand .

    At the end of the workshop,everyone in attendance should be able to 

    1. Create their own brand logo,website/blog ,PR/social media materials for their brands 
    2. Have a better understanding on how to build a brag worthy brand
    3. Understand how to use competition as a means to grow a better brand and a foolproof USP.
    4. Understand the difference between personal branding and how to use your personal brand to grow your corporate brand .

    Refreshments will be served ofcourse .Also,course materials as well as internet will be provided .You cant aford to miss this .

    Event date : 08 july,2017

    Venue : The studio by capital square ( @capsqr on instagram) address 114b illupeju street ,lagos.

    You can follow @coloursandgrey ,@bloggersadvocate on instagram or check the flier for more details .​​

    Do you have an event you think is worth attending this july ,do share with us in the comment section .That said ,what will you be doing with your weekend ?



      Ways to style fishnets

      Hey beautiful people!!!….it’s absolutely a great day to be alive ,and to think we’re in the second half of the year already …phewwww fishnets have been trending for a while now and it’s been amazing watching people create their magic with their fishnets .Some people probably won’t want to wear the fishnets because they think it gives one an edgy look but hey!!,what’s life without daring adventures.

         They good news is,there are so many ways to style the fishnets to suit your taste and preferences .I’d be explaining them below so ….ENJOY.

      • Pairing them with shorts or short skirts 

      You want to create a bold,edgy look that gives off this ”i‘m daring and confident look”,this is it for you .pairing your fishnets with a short skirt gives one’s legs an endless kind of makes you look taller(small bodied people should definitely try this out) ..All you have to do is wear your fishnets under your skirt/short ,then pair it off with a really nice teeshirt ,crop top or any cool top u have and voila!!’s done .To get an added effects ,boots are a must for your legs.​​

      • Pairing them with your distressed jeans 

      Distressed jeans are still an all time favorite ,especially for those that love to feel young ,wild and free..all you have to do to create this look is to wear them underneath your jeans (make sure the fishnets are visible enough beneath those jeans).. Add a graphic teeshirt to the combo and you’re got to go ..showing a few inches of your fishnets just above your pants waistband is not a bad choice either.​

      • Pairing them with your office wears 

      Now,this is a tricky path to trend because you won’t want to come off as too loud.The good thing about this look is that it gives you an urban,chic ,confident woman who is on top of her game look(i guarantee you,it works ). To create this look,all you have to do is wear your fishnet under your work clothes ,pair it off with your louboutins and stilettos and we’re in for business .​

      (This particular photo was gotten somewhere off the internet)

      • Pairing them with your swimming suits

      This is one of the easiest looks to recreate.But it’s worthy to note that you can’t wear your swimming suit except you’re at a pool or you’re going for a swim .​

      (This photo is from @Ldochev on instagram)

      That sums it up…I hope it helps.

      We’d like to know,what’s your favorite look from this 4 and which one will you like to try? 

      If you’ve got more questions ,you can reach out to me in the comment section or send a DM on instagram @thatgiftedgirl_

      Do have a fabulous day



      An encounter I’d never forget

      I’ve always thought I’m a dog person …I have loads of dogs to showfor it…fortunatelay,an experience taught me otherwise .I met a friend during my service year in Ibadan , a sometime Mr Ideal Nigeria  …As expected,he’s a very big somebody ,complete with the perfect six packs and a well ribbed body .We had two prominent things in common,”our love for dogs and events” ..Soon enough ,he kept talking about how big and wonderful his dog ”terry” is and how I’d love him at first sight ..

        One day ,after attending one of our numerous fashion shows together ,I figured I could go see this ”wonder dog” ,who knows ,i’d take a few photos with him(for the gram ofcourse)..on our way back,we stopped by Mr Biggs to get food .He ordered four packaged foods(with an extra piece of chicken in 2 packs )..I didn’t understand this but I figured it was either he had to eat extra because of his size or we were going to eat first rounds and second rounds ..whatever his reason was ,I was definitely up for more well sauced chicken .

           We got home,got into the compound and that was when I realized my mistake ..a little too late I must say .I SCREAMED,THIS IS NO DOG,THIS IS A LION..”Terry,the loving dog ” was in actual fact few inches shy of my height(at this point,i must categorically remind you that i am no dwarf),with big ,georgeous hairs that’d make ”our instagram slayqueens” hide their faces in shame….And when he did smile(atleast,that was what the owner told me he was doing),he revealed big ,strong teeth that looked like it can do and undo.

        I remained in the car,with the door tightly locked could I come down?..This terry dog was definitely not my type!!!…I guess ”terry” felt my discomfort because he came over to my side to give me his ”special terry welcome” ..i literally froze there ..I cursed out my ancestors and my village people ,”why did they ever let me make such a stupid decision ”, they were supposed to be watching my every move ..All this things we do for the gram is probably what’s going to bring my end .

         Terry didn’t leave,he stayed there,waiting patiently ..And that was when I remembered I had his food(in my excited mood,I had forgotten he’d told me the other packs of food was for terry,and me in my i too know self had volunteered to feed him)..after much appeasing and coercing from my friend,I came down and somehow fed the dog ..I did take some photos of course but I’m never going to post that …Nahhh…that’s no more for the gram ..

      P:S …Terry is now my best friend ,my very own dog-lion (as i like to call him),so y’all should think twice before you mess with me..he’s a wonderful ,sweet big dog..Recently,i ran into @ajaajidekennel on instagram and saw some amazing photos @jideajayipetphotography brought back pleasant memories​
       ..I have so many more dog stories from where this one came from ..hopefully,with time ,y’all would get to hear them…also,i look forward to hearing your dog stories in the comment section if you have any .

      Enclosed here are some random dog photos i like 


      Do have a wonderful Wednesday 



      Makeup and makeovers

      Hey lovelies …I really feel I should start this with a happy new year greeting because it seems like ages since the last time we connected …I have to specially apologise for my silence but I must say,it’s not easy combining work with blogging coupled with the fact that I encountered a writer’s block recently .The good news is,I’m back, and today,i’d be talking about something important ,something most ladies can’t do without.Yes,i said this because i know quite a number of ladies who don’t feel complete without their makeup on …heck!!!.. some months ago,i would have comfortably fit into this description .I sincerely cannot leave the house without drawing my brows,using brown compact powder and applying my mascara..infact ,one day i went out without makeup and some persons reactions wowed me.its safe to say that from that day,my beauty routine was revisited.

                         Makeups range from the simple application of powder and eye pencils to going the full length (I.e ..having extreme makeovers complete with faux lashes and eye contacts).it’s worthy to note that different occasions call for different looks .Therefore,one must learn which look is suitable for what occasion to avoid coming off as a drag queen or an insecure should know that some makevers can transform you into an entirely different person as you’d see in some of the photos i’d post below .

            Thankfully,the age we’re in now have made it possible for us to learn just about anything off the internet provided we’re ready to learn .To this effect,we have so many self acclaimed ”professional makeup artists”..if you’re one ,great news but somehow ,this post is more or less for those who aren’t professionals yet.

         Now,let’s imagine that you’re amongst the few who’d want their face beat” (makeup done)  by a makeup artist but you don’t know who to meet or where to go to meet one ..I’d be suggesting a good number of them to you .(I’m doing this because I’ve worked either with them or seen their handworks )…also,I’d be posting some makeover photos so you’d know we’re in for business .

      The easy thing is ,you can search this names up on instagram and take it up from there ..That said,if you’re in Ibadan ,and you need a go to badass makeup artist ,these persons won’t disappoint .

      • @Lolade_Mlpro​​
      • @jonaksmeikova​​

      • @oseibeautyplus​

      I really don’t know much about lagos makeup artists but thankfully,that’s where you come in…which makeup artist do you think I should have mentioned ?,whom have you worked with? or better still indicate if you’re a makeup artist and we all will check you out.Don’t forget that their instagram handles should be dropped too,this will make it easier to find them.

      Your comments are really important ..don’t leave without dropping one.

      P:s — all the photos in yellow are of me..and they’re more of bridalglam inspired looks .(this doesn’t mean they cannot do other kinds of makeup because they absolutely can)

      That said,I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



      Hair porn 

      Hey lovelies ..hope y’all been doing great because I sure have recently ,I realised its not easy to combine work with blogging ..something with so little time and so much to do ..most of you can definitely relate …well, recently ,I stumbled upon an amazing discovery ..a new love ..PIXIE HAIR STYLES.
      I have to say this first,rocking a short hair can be difficult sometimes ,especially with the fact that some people think that it makes them look boyish or less girly ..Then ago, there’s no denying the falsity of this claims .A pixie haircut is a great solution for a contemporary woman on the’s convenient,pretty and appropriate for any hair type.

           This hairstyle is generally for the bold and beautiful ..A strong haircut generally calls for a bold personality ,this means, not everyone can completely pull off this look and look swell post is specifically for the ladies who are bold,adventurous, wild and are not afraid of change…if you’re one,welcome onboard.
      The pixie hairstyle or haircut is a must have for the ladies ranging from the fact that it has a minimal maintenance requirement to the fact that your hair don’t get caught up in things on and around you ..oh!! , did I forget to mention the wonderful feeling of having the wind on your neck (Nigerians especially can understand this part ”something to do with the hot weather and all” )

      Do you want to stand out in a crowd?…Then the pixie haircut is the answer for you ..I guarantee you,you’d definitely stand out amongst all those other long hairs …​
      Ok,so what I love most about a great pixie cut/style is the fact that it truly encourages a passerby to see the face its framing before we actually see the hair itself ,therefore,putting more attention towards a beautiful face than what’s framing it .​
      I have to warn you though,a pixie haircut makes your face sharper and brighter so you’d have to make sure your face is always well taken care of.The first to rocking a pixie cut is finding a great hairstylist..never ever meet a stylist you’re not sure of …your pixie needs to be nothing but perfect .​
      Dejavu (afro b”black and gold color) was used to create this look(my look).This is for every one willing to recreate this look.Shea butter or any other styling cream can be used for the daily maintenance..easy I must say .​
      Did i forget to mention that i used mostly photos of those with colored hair because y’all know ”life’s boring without them colors”..This doesn’t mean i don’t have black pixie inspiration style for you ..because i do are some of them ​

      I could gone on and on talking and producing photos of celebrities who’re either rocking the pixie haircut or hairstyle but I won’t …You know why?…You’re your own celebrity and I can’t wait for you to try it out .

      Don’t forget to try out different exciting new colors ..REMEMBER,YOU’RE YOUNG ONLY ONCE .



      .Oh…don’t forget to drop a comment …Share with us what you think about the pixie hairstyle..have you rocked it?…did you slay in it?…will you rock it?….what color will you be dabbling with next time? .all in all,leave a comment won’t hurt you .

      P:S __some of the photos were randomly gotten off the internet 



      Goal getters

      Hey wonderful people ..How have you all been ..I have this wonderful project to share with us …stay put!!.so early this year,I joined the finish a book a week train which was inspired by @thebookfield ,@ope_akinbo , @read_a_book_now and @oyinkaviews all from instagram and i must tell you,its been very eyeopening make it easier for all of us,i’d be making a review of every book i read in this period telling us which ones are must reads and which ones are they ”only when am bored books” so you can be on the look out..This ”project” as i specially like to call it will be useful to all knowledge lovers all over the world.

      The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that he gave a detailed account of how to start and successfully run a blog(other bloggers will understand the hustle ) free of charge ..oh boy!! My inquisitive mind couldn’t stay put .I definitely had to learn some more and I must say,I wasn’t disappointed.(you can tell by the huge smile on my face)​
      He shared so many amazing ideas that’d change your mindset for good .Here’s a little appetizer for your soul.

      *Earning money has nothing to do with age,formal education,gender or has everything to do with determination ,courage and commitment..To excel as an entrepreneur,you have to build your business around something that you truly enjoy .This makes it even easier for you (youre doing what you love and youre getting paid for it ).*

      *Everyone knows someone who knows someone which will often lead to a great connection…Don’t despise anyone*

      He talked about money making methods for entrepreneurs ..Kick starting your online business(which includes how to start and open up your own blog )and lots more ..He gave practical illustrations /examples that one can apply to his/her business to excel in them …The role mentorship and Networking plays in moving a business forward was not left out..Vital tools one would need in the entrepreneurship journey were exposed too.

      I could go on and on about how wonderful this book is and how impactful it have been to me  but that would be very unfair to you because then, you won’t be getting a first hand experience of all I got from the book .What are you waiting for ,hurry now and get a copy for yourself .Your heart will thank you .

      Do tell us what you think after you’re done reading the book or share with us what book you’re currently reading and what you’ve learnt from it so far…Don’t forget also to mention a book you think I should totally check out in the comment section.

      P;S really should join my read a book a week train ..Tag me on instagram when ever you’re ready @thatgiftedgirl_..

      Remember,readers are leaders .